Friday, April 22, 2011

Alicia & Dan Engagement Session

I was so happy when Alicia and Dan hired me to photograph their upcoming Fall wedding because I felt our personalities fit together so well. They're such a sweet couple that I knew it would be a blast to spend a day photographing them.

So it was no surprise that we had a really great time on their recent engagement session. We roamed the streets of Washington DC on a beautiful Spring day and got some great shots. There were so many photos that I loved from this session that choosing a few for this blog post was an almost impossible task.

Nevertheless, here's some of my absolute favorites from the day. Hey Alicia and Dan- See you in October!

My love affair with black and white images continues to grow. The mood of this shot just knocks me out! Of course having a great looking couple like Alicia and Dan helps too!

A beautiful sunset on the Tidal Basin seemed like a perfect way to end the day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Architecture and Light

One of the things I really love about wedding photography is that it requires skills in many different styles of photography to properly document the wedding day. A photographer must have the storytelling skills of a photojournalist, the grace and finesse of a master portrait artist, and the split second reaction time of a sports photographer. A healthy dose of people skills and a ton of patience and calm under stress is also very helpful!

As if all that isn't challenging and fun enough some of my absolute favorite moments come when I'm working in a beautiful church with gorgeous light. Often the church rules are very strict and that can make photography difficult. But it's worth it to have the opportunity to capture a once in a lifetime event in such scenic surroundings.

I'm lucky that in the MD, VA, DC area there are many stunning churches, and I often find myself looking up in wonder at the incredible workmanship and beautiful light.

My favorite shot from this past week is from just such a place. The Cathedral of Mary Our Queen on North Charles Street in Baltimore, MD. Enjoy!